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  • Dr. Nicholas M Glykos

Addendum to Protein Sequence/Structure Relatioinships, pages 92-96
and Fig. 3.10, page 93, of second edition:

Dr. Nicholas M Glykos <>
contributed the following interesting comment on  August 1, 2011:

We have one possibly interesting addition to the Rop story you show in Fig
3.10, p.93 of your book's second edition. The addition is RM6, a deletion
mutant of Rop, and the whole Rop story including RM6 fits in just one
figure [the deletion mutant is marked as Delta_{30-34} in the figure] :

This deletion mutant restores the heptad repeat, just like the double-
insertion mutant you show in 3.10(b), but this time the restoration of the
heptad repeat has marked effects : the fold, topology and oligomerisation
state all change.