photo index

  1. T. Schlick adjusting the projector for W.K. Olson

  2. The audience listens to a salutary introduction by T. Schlick of W.K. Olson

  3. The attentive audience

  4. A grin in the back...

  5. Lively discussion among A. Vologodskii, W.K. Olson, N. Seeman, and T. Schlick

  6. T. Schlick and L.Bull (in charge of catering) check the wine situation (will there be enough?)

  7. Bounty of Italian cookies capture interest!

  8. W. K. Olson clarifies a point to a student

  9. The organizers (L. Bull and Wei Xu) in T. Schlick's lab posing in relief that all is well!

  10. Three friends gather with a smile

  11. H. Juan, W.Xu, D.Xie, and E. Barth (in the Schlick lab) delight in hosting W.K. Olson

  12. An outdoor lunch on Bleecker Street in the village

  13. S. Broyde, N. Seeman, W.K. Olson, and T. Schlick -- Just couldn't be better!

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