NAG Explorer 3.0

To run NAG Explorer 3.0:

You can copy:

/local/explorer/sample.explorerrc to ~/.explorerrc (and edit it as you like)

Then run:
source /local/explorer/cshrc Then type: explorer

explorer -map /local/explorer/maps/
run: explorer and then drag any item in the map column onto the viewing field.

Explorer Manuals:

There is an on-line book for explorer from SGI
type: insight
The explorer book is under the heading "End-User"


Try the Explorer User's Guide on the Web.

Other Explorer WWW addresses:

  • NAG Inc. Iris Explorer Center [Home Page]
  • NAG's IRIS Explorer Center
  • SGI's IRIS Explorer Centers

  • Very Interesting Home-Page at Lawrence Livermore National Lab offering explorer modules in Flow dynamics

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