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  • A New Fall '96 Offering:


    Time: Thursdays, 1:20-3:10

    Location: 513 Warren Weaver Hall
    (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 251 Mercer St.)

    Content: An introduction to molecular modeling and simulation,
    with focus on biomolecules, including:

    * Molecular Mechanics
    functional construction and optimization,

    * Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    theory and practice,

    * Techniques for Conformational Sampling
    Monte Carlo, global optimization, etc.,

    * Molecular Graphics and Visualization
    introduction to selected software packages,

    * Selected Applications
    protein dynamics and DNA supercoiling.

    Intended Audience: Advanced undergraduates and graduate students, from all Washington Square science and math departments (chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, neuroscience), as well as graduate students from the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.

    Prerequisites: Interest in the subject and some computing experience.

    Textbook: "Molecular Dynamics Simulations; Elementary Methods", by J. M. Haile (John Wiley, NY, 1992), which will not be rigorously followed and various articles. Additional books, articles, and electonic sites of information will be recommended.

    Format: Class lectures, with some invited speakers and computer labs.

    Homework: Weekly reading and/or programming assignments (with choice given for the latter on the basis of student experience) and some group projects.

    Grading: Based mostly on homework projects.

    Instructor: Tamar Schlick,
    Professor of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science

    Check out the group web site on http://monod.biomath.nyu.edu/.

    Click here to see the Class Schedule
    Click here to see the Required Text

    For further information, contact T. Schlick by email (preferred) at schlick@nyu.edu, phone (998-3116), or fax (995-4152).

    If you are interested in the topic but are worried that you may not have the necessary background, please consult instructor!