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  • Molecular Modeling

    G25.2601, Fall 1996, Thursdays 1:20-3:10pm, 513 WWH

    Course Outline

    Tamar Schlick

  • Molecular Modeling -
    what is molecular modeling and how has it evolved?
    modeling resources on the world wide web

  • Biomolecular Modeling and Structure -
    molecular modeling today: overview of problems,
    tools, and solution analysis, minitutorials in
    protein and nucleic acid structure

  • Molecular Mechanics -
    functional construction and optimization

  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations -
    theory and practice

  • Techniques for Conformational Sampling -
    Monte Carlo, global optimization, etc.,

  • Molecular Graphics and Visualization -
    introduction to public-domain software packages,

  • Selected Applications -
    protein dynamics and DNA supercoiling.

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    For further information, contact T. Schlick by email (preferred) at schlick@nyu.edu, phone (998-3116), or fax (995-4152).

    If you are interested in the topic but are worried that you may not have the necessary background, please consult instructor!