Movies of Supercoiled DNA Dynamics

Movies give us more vivid views of how supercoiled DNA moves in solvent and how other factors (e.g., the DNA supercoiling, the salt concentration) affect the process.

Both salt and supercoiling have very strong effects on DNA kinetics.

  • High Salt, High Supercoiling
    At high salt, the slithering mechanism -- the bidirectional tracking along the superhelix -- dominates in supercoiled DNA dynamics, which can be clearly observed in this movie. The movie also displays the event of a branch formation. (3 kb, 0.2 M, sigma=-0.06, 0.6 ms simulation)

  • Low Salt, Low Supercoiling
    At low salt and/or low supercoiling, DNA conformations undergo rapidly global changes and site juxtaposition events become less correlated, as shown in the following movies. (3 kb, 0.01 M, sigma=-0.02, 0.6 ms simulation).

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