RNA Matrix


This RNA Matrix Program converts an RNA secondary structure into a matrix representation of the RNA's graph. Specifically, it takes a ".ct" or ".Bpseq" file format and determines the number of vertices within the RNA structure, the Laplacian matrix, the eigenvalues, and the order of the labeled graph. To learn more about the concepts that are involved with this program, please visit the Program Description.


Send this file: File Type:

Graph Representation: Tree Graph Dual Graph (default)

Enter Email: (Required for batch processing - See below)

1) Please make sure the file extesion is not ".txt". File extension should match the file format (for example: ".ct",  ".bpseq", or ".gzip")
2) The Max file size allowed is 20MB
For Unix/Linux/Mac users, you can verify that your ".ct" files are properly formated using "vi". Windows users may use "notepad" to make sure the file is in plain text


Batch Processing:

Users can also upload a group of ".ct" files for batch processing. To prepare files, please do the following on your local machine:

1. Save your ".ct" files into one directory (for example: my_ct_dir)
2. Tar your direcory using a command similar to the following on Unix: "tar cvf ./my_files.tar ./my_ct_dir"
3. Compress your tar: "gzip my_files.tar"
4. Upload your compressed file above and provide email address for results

Click on the following ct file if you would like to save a sample file on your computer that you can upload using the above form in order to execute the program: tRNA (NDB:TRNA12)

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